Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ironhide comparison.

Wow, Longtime no update. Didn't take me long to fall off the wagon huh?

In all seriousness this was my at work release. we started using a new B.S. webfilter (websense) and they have this blocked as well so no more blogging for josh at work.

I promised a video comparing the two versions of this figure. Then I though harder about it and I thought I would be hateful and make yall come here. BWAHAHAHAHA

anyway on to the comparison. Click image for fullsize.

First up boreing profile shot but you can kinda see pretty much ever single new piece of the truck in this one shot.
New: Bumper, Front and Rear doors, Roof, Fuel Tanks, and Mirrors, Rollbar, rear glass, and exhaust.
Retained: Hood/fenders/grill units, windshield, bed, wheels and tires.

As a side note, I am not to crazy about the new bumper. For one the "tusks" on the side are fairly pointless from a trail armor perspective since there is no bar across the top, they would do more to trap stuff against the fenders and get hung up than anything. The only real purpose they serve is to help sell the crossbow feature in robot mode.

Next up a shot from the rear showing off the new exhaust, rearmost portion of the cab, and rollbars. not to mention the missing paint applications.

And just for giggles, the Recon ironhide with all his extra weapons removed, and swapping fuel tanks with the 2007 figure.

Robot mode I was wrong, almost nothing has changed except for the Heads, and the collars that the head is mounted to. new head is smaller, cleaner, and ball jointed. Even the feet that I was certain were new are just painted silver.

Only major strike I give the new version is the Gold paint on the chest piece is downright sloppy. but dang I like the new head.

Old Head

Included accessories. Its a little one-sided eh?

Now for the fun stuff,

Max Load Ironhide. All but one weapon is on him right now.

Yes that is a bayonet on a panzerfaust. To add insult to injury you stab the guy a split second before you turn him into a fine red mist.

Quite possibly more idiotic. A Mini-gun bayonet... On an anti-tank rifle. Like I said, Homeboy is cracked in the head. That or I am for thinking to do it.

I have more pictures on my photo bucket if anyone cares to see them. mostly just alternate load outs on the weapons and different angles.


Took this photo based on a comment by Likeits1985. Basically he pointed out that both of these guys are stupidly over gunned. Also I remembered how much I hate trying to pose the strike IWSP without its stand. You dont pose him. You balance him.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Well something new for here. A review!

Picked up Bludgeon from Wal Mart on my way to work, just happened to be bringing my laptop to work this week so I figured why not do a text review. I doubt it will be up to the standards of the people I read reviews by but it will be a learning experience at least :D well onto the review.

Vehicle mode:

Ok we have an army greenish/highway department orange tank, over all very nice there are some armor panels tacked onto the sides above the tracks that feel very tacked on and honestly I could have done without, especially when you look at how a real Type 90 tank looks. A very nice touch that I really like the looks of is at the front of the tracks there are some brown rubber flaps (molded in hard plastic of course), over all though the whole tank is covered in molded in detail, including spare parts for the tracks molded into the HIGHWAY DEPARTMENT ORANGE center section of the tank.

Besides the orange bits, (which look so very right in robot mode I should not be complaining) the only thing that stands out and looks bad is the cannon, half is molded in the same green as the rest of the turret, the front part is a soft plastic that makes the hilt of his large sword when I say it is soft believe it. more on that later.


Fairly straight forward with a very nice gimmick in the turret. I will cover it in depth when I do the video review but the only hardish part is the hips/side skirts. Things fold, turn and roll in a very set way that I doubt I can explain here so please bear with me till i can get the video up sometime next week.

Robot mode

Right off the bat: I think we have a refugee from the Universe line, and that is a good thing!

At first glance he is incredibly bulky thanks in large part to the armor hanging off of him in the form of his shoulder guards, side skirts, and the turret/weapons rack on his back, his actual limbs are very spindly and give off a nice skeleton robot feel, his bio describes him as damaged and in hiding and the way that the "bones" peek out from inside the thighs, and pretty much all of the arms are the stylised rounded bony looking plastic in a sea of hard edged green and orange gives him an almost organic feel that I like.

A sore point for me is the face: I really wish they have given him a more Cybertron Unicron-ish skeletal face, the vertical split through the upper and lower jar just gives a little too much of an alien feel to it. Perhaps if this actually was a universe toy rather than movie line we could have gotten something more human skull looking. I do like how nestled down into his bulk his head is though.

Smaller secondary gripe is the face in his chest. Feels very Gurren Lagann but does not fit the character in my opinion.

Oh yes I said i would get back to the gummi swords... he actually had two of them, one is stowed inside the turret (and flips up in the best bit of mech alive/automorph I think we have ever gotten) it goes into the hands alright. the larger sword that goes into the barrel of the cannon... OMG. Mine has a permanent bend in it, the way that you have to press the sword into the hands deforms them something fierce and heaven help you if the figure falls over onto the sword. I honestly think it is more deformable than vector primes sword. For that reason, even though the swords store on his left hip in robot mode I would seriously consider leaving them stored in the turret on the back.

Articulation is surprisingly nice given the bulk of the armor, with a little manipulation you can easily get it kneeling (feet are a little narrow for one legged standing though)

In closing: Highly recommended, Feels to me like a good if not great homage to the image most of us have in our head of the G1 Pretender, Honestly who out there think of the green inner robot when anyone says "Bludgeon"? Anyway, Highly recommended(again?) 9/10

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

God Gundam suplemental.

(no clever caption)

The shoulder guns I forgot to point out in the review.


Why Yes I am just that awesome. Thanks for noticing!

And an itty bitty Domon Kasshu
(is that pronounced like cashew? Does that make him nuts?)

Ok, first post where I actually show pictures of a toy (Woo Hoo) these are just some closeup shots of the MG God Gundam.

Not used to shooting pictures of toys anymore, will take me a while to get back into the swing of things.

The Emporer's New Clothes

Well this is what I have been up to lately.

Over all I am disappointed with it, evberyone that has seen it in person likes it, even the guys in my club like it, but to me it looks to tightly packed on the fenders. there is almost no tan showing, then it all opens up on the doors. I wish I had been more consistent.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

This is going to be a busy week for me. Going look at a small (but still quite larger than where I currently live) house. I was very exited over it, but now that I have seen better pictures I am not so sure, it is not as large as was originally described to me. it looks to need work, and after gettign a few quotes on having it oved, it will cost more to move it than buy it >.<

finding out about it had made me Re-rethink my "bikertrash Studios" project, leave the bike barn as is, Convert my current house to a workshop/display area. and have an uncluttered house to live in. 10K to move a house that might endup needing that much again in work just does not apeal to me at all, at that point I am almost upto the price of buying a singlewide (guess I would have to change my screen name to "TrailerTrash" if I did that)

Anyway I hope all of yall who read this (all three of you) have a great day.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

00 Raiser photoshop phail.

Ok so it is not really photoshop. And if I had photoshop I still would not know what to do with it.

I have a 1/144 00 raiser in front of me, and I want to repaint it. Right now I am leaning towards a Sword impulse inspired paint scheme. if you have weak eyes avoid looking at my MS Paint recolor job. she is BAD.

Original picture from

I like this alot, not sure which leg coloration I would go with, the red foot black stripe, or black with red... or might just go black with black >.< gah decisions.

I was also considering a Strike Noir color scheme but I don't have any gray spray paint out here what so ever so but I have everything I would need to do this available too me right now. plus my attempt at "paint"shopping it was not very attractive I think and I gave up on it not long after starting on the leg I am sure it would look better than my shoddy coloring makes it look like but I am still digging the red more. Plus the sword impulse colors I think will look nice with the XN raiser add on pack I have at the house. Thoughts?


That's what I tell my self every time I look at this place. It has been almost a month since I updated this. the Dodge has broken twice since my last post, once because the trans shop half assed something, and the second time was the Water pump failed. The water pump failing I think is what has convinced me that I am probably going to keep the dodge. it is just so easy to work on, this was literally the easiest water pump I have ever changed in my life. 2 hours start to finish, and about a 1/2 hour break in the middle of all that to let the coolant drain.

For the first time in several months I feel satisfied with my video output for the week, re uploaded two oldies, did a oddball review, a truck video, AND a new review.

Well, talk with yall more later.