Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ironhide comparison.

Wow, Longtime no update. Didn't take me long to fall off the wagon huh?

In all seriousness this was my at work release. we started using a new B.S. webfilter (websense) and they have this blocked as well so no more blogging for josh at work.

I promised a video comparing the two versions of this figure. Then I though harder about it and I thought I would be hateful and make yall come here. BWAHAHAHAHA

anyway on to the comparison. Click image for fullsize.

First up boreing profile shot but you can kinda see pretty much ever single new piece of the truck in this one shot.
New: Bumper, Front and Rear doors, Roof, Fuel Tanks, and Mirrors, Rollbar, rear glass, and exhaust.
Retained: Hood/fenders/grill units, windshield, bed, wheels and tires.

As a side note, I am not to crazy about the new bumper. For one the "tusks" on the side are fairly pointless from a trail armor perspective since there is no bar across the top, they would do more to trap stuff against the fenders and get hung up than anything. The only real purpose they serve is to help sell the crossbow feature in robot mode.

Next up a shot from the rear showing off the new exhaust, rearmost portion of the cab, and rollbars. not to mention the missing paint applications.

And just for giggles, the Recon ironhide with all his extra weapons removed, and swapping fuel tanks with the 2007 figure.

Robot mode I was wrong, almost nothing has changed except for the Heads, and the collars that the head is mounted to. new head is smaller, cleaner, and ball jointed. Even the feet that I was certain were new are just painted silver.

Only major strike I give the new version is the Gold paint on the chest piece is downright sloppy. but dang I like the new head.

Old Head

Included accessories. Its a little one-sided eh?

Now for the fun stuff,

Max Load Ironhide. All but one weapon is on him right now.

Yes that is a bayonet on a panzerfaust. To add insult to injury you stab the guy a split second before you turn him into a fine red mist.

Quite possibly more idiotic. A Mini-gun bayonet... On an anti-tank rifle. Like I said, Homeboy is cracked in the head. That or I am for thinking to do it.

I have more pictures on my photo bucket if anyone cares to see them. mostly just alternate load outs on the weapons and different angles.


Took this photo based on a comment by Likeits1985. Basically he pointed out that both of these guys are stupidly over gunned. Also I remembered how much I hate trying to pose the strike IWSP without its stand. You dont pose him. You balance him.


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  2. Your job is seriously anti-internet innit?

    You know I'm all "blargh blargh the movie is not really for me" but I seriously might buy Rambo-Ironhide :o

    I have yet to see one however!

  3. Yes they are almost completely against us using the internet @ work. they had even blocked most Email services but they had to many threats that people were going to quit because of just how isolated this job makes us and then they were taking away one of our only ways to communicate. We also have phones but we are (supposed to be) limited to one 10 min phone call a day, to our house.

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